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Best Steel Structure Building That Will Amaze You

The Krasa Centrade Business Park is constructed on 5 acres of land area inn Sector 140, Noida Expressway. Krasa Group is introducing Centrade Business Park with lots of facilities and world class amenities. It is the first steel structure of Delhi NCR. There are lots of advantages of buying a business place in steel structure. Steel structure is the USP of this grand project.
The structures, which are  entirely made up of steel are known as steel structure buildings. The advantages of living in steel structure buildings.
  • Steel structures are cost effective and quick to build
Steel structures take less time in construction and also takes very low cost of construction. Construction is fast & uncomplicated with the FRAMECAD accurate steel frame system mechanism. This signifies high class results everywhere, using low-price, low-trained labor & shorter time frames.
  • Strong & Design-bendable
Steel’s intrinsic power allows architectural & design suppleness – allocates long durations & curves to be simply included into practical designs.
  •   Long-lasting and protected

Thanks to outstanding conflict to fire, oxidization & pests, steel structured buildings are the primary option for tremendous environmental conditions. Because steel doesn’t require treating with preservatives, pesticides, or glues, it’s also protected for populace management & existing or working around it.
  •  Environmentally Friendly

Steel structures last longer, is light & simple to transport & makes negligible raw material waste. At the end of its longevity, steel can also be entirely recycled.
  •   Fire Resistant

A steel structure housing mechanism has been tested & proven to survive severe bush fire temperatures of more than 1000°C. 
  •   Earthquake Tested

The steel framed reliability of steel frame homes has established in full-scale imitations that it keeps on straight, true & most prominently, safe.
Krasa Centrade Business Park is the best and the first steel structure of Delhi NCR. It consists of all the latest technologies. The building makes you, amaze you definitely. This is going to be the best steel structure of Delhi NCR. If you want to invest in luxurious business place within your budget, then this is the best deal for you. This is also located at prime location, which also help you to get double or triple on your investment. Centrade Business Park is the commercial project, where you get all the latest amenities and world class facilities. You also enjoying your working experience without the disturbance and with any fear of natural calamity.

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